We live in a little village Lipnice near Pilsen. We have got our first dog when we moved in our cottage. He was sleuthhound Don with pedigree parents, though he himself was not a dog with pedigree. He was our little Don, nice, obedient (to husband), non-conflict, he loved whole our family including our tomcat. Don often brought the tomcat to his kennel, even against his will.
When Don was 7, we were on a visit to Pavla Uzlová, wher I saw deerhound for the first time. I was enchanted by the dog, but we had little Don and two dogs seemed to be too much, then. Don died in February 2005. We had a word with Pavla and I brought an eight month old deerhound lady Cesmína Paluduz from her. The dogs home name was Candy. She has become not only my pet, but also the one of my two daughters. My husband was a bit disappointed that deerhound cannot be trained, for some time, but I knew already then that this was my breed. Candy should be a garden friend and the fact that we started to go to exhibitions was also Pavla's work. That is how we have got in touch with people, whom I still learn from and whom I like to meet. And as it had seemed once that two dogs were too much, two deerhounds are not too much. We started to think of another one.
This was my daughters turn. She brought a Chinese crested dog. His name was Chicca from Kamil's yard. The difference between these two breeds is apparent for the first glance. And on the second glance, two. People in the village started to look at us in a strange way. The combination of these two breeds on a walk is a topic for discussions for our neighborhood. But I had been taken into a life with dogs and I decided for further steps.
We started to think of founding a breeding station named Z Podlipnice. And we had been waiting for another little one. We lived to see it on the 25 December 2006 and we brought a beautiful Christmas present - Calamity Jane Margodeer - home name Jany. So our walks have have been even more comical since than, because the combination of the Chinese, the big deerhound and the deerhound puppy is even more interesting. It is not too far to the meadow where we go for a walk and run, luckily.
This is our deerhound breeding history so far and we will see what's next...